Music, Sunday School, Substance Abuse and Prison Ministries
MUSIC: Dino began serving in music ministry in 1979. During his time in military service Dino was a member of a prestigious and one-of-a-kind unit, the United States Army's Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp. in which he was a senior snare drum soloist. More recently he served as a percussionist in the orchestra at First Baptist Church Atlanta, Georgia under Sr. Pastor, Charles F. Stanley.
Dino's love for music has opened doors for ministry to the youth of Mkholombe and Masi squatter camps in South Africa. This mission is to teach the young men and women how to minister and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the arts.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Dino served as an Assistant Teacher from 2010 thru 2012 at First Baptist Church Woodstock, Georgia (FBCW) under Sr. Pastor Johnny Hunt. Since 2012, Dino has been a Full Time Sunday School Teacher at FBCW, ministering the Word of God to his own class.  

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Dino has a passion to minister to, inspire, motivate and encourage persons of addiction. He has successfully assisted many recovering addicts in remaining abstinent from their individual addictions. Dino ministers through the Prison System and Alcoholics Anonymous.

PRISON: Dino served in the prison ministry out of First Baptist Church Jacksonville, Florida. He was authorized to minister to inmates in their individual cells, including those on death row at the Florida State Penitentiary Starke, Florida. He discovered that more than 90% of the inmate population was under the influence of a drug or alcohol when they committed their crime(s).  Dino has a heart for the inmate population, remembering too, that the Apostle Paul, and many other Christian faithful, were imprisoned for their faith.  Jesus talks of ministering to those in prison.
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